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How to protect yourself online

We expose our personal information every time we go online.

If we do not protect the information we share on a daily basis, we can lose our identity, our bank balance, our jobs!

We share information in a variety of ways.

We exchange information by means of email. With Facebook. With Twitter and with a variety of other social media platforms.

Each time we use these platforms we expose ourselves, our belongings and our safety.

If we don’t make ourselves aware and learn how to use these platforms safely, we have a problem!

Don’t let your personal information leak to the worst kind of criminals out there.

There are viruses, spyware and malware, to name a few. Every day the cyber criminals are on the prowl, waiting to launch a malicious attacks on our personal lives.

Without the awareness and knowledge, we are inviting them in!

Let me help you stop them!

What you will learn
Have your identity been compromised?
Security Tips when using Facebook
Safety when dating online
Parental Control
Online safety for children
Safety when downloading music
Online Scams
Next Steps

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