Information Security Awareness, the tools, processes, and procedures associated with it, is a bit like insurance on your house. If you have everything in place the day you need it, life is good! If you are not ready, you could lose everything!

Imagine you are out on the town. Enjoying yourself. You get a message that an important email did not go out and someone is very, very annoyed. You grab your phone but the signal is poor and you struggle to get the mail out. But wait, there is a WIFI hot-spot. Not secure but this is desperate times and you have to get that mail out! OK, connected, mail sent! A sigh of relief!

You carry on with your shopping.

Next morning, you float into the office, a song in your heart. But there seems to be some weird sombre atmosphere,  people are avoiding eye contact. You are summoned to the boss’ office.

That mail you sent yesterday was responsible for a data breach at our customer. We have now lost them. Pack up your desk.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Be prepared. Be aware! Go to our Academy and check the Security Awareness Course and be safe.

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