Most of us use and learn to drive a motor vehicle. Maybe a family member, parent or driving school taught you, but you learn to apply the theory of driving. Then when you are ready, to take your driver’s test and you pass you, only then can you safely say: “I’m now ready to get practice on the road”. You then drive regularly get experience and become a good driver.

You go through all these motions to safely drive a motor vehicle to be safe on the road.

Yet the on the Highways of the internet, where there are so many more problems than on the road, you travel without a license. Without being taught how. Unprotected.

Like on the road, there are people out to get you on the internet and if you are not prepared you are in trouble.

Learn to be safe and be aware. Check our courses. Go to the Academy. There is even a free course.

Be safe out there!

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