Computers do not solve problems, they execute them! Our solutions are not measured by lines of code, experience the results and smile at your bottom line...

If you are not sure if your computer and what you do online is safe and secure, It is not!.

If you have any personal or business information on your computer and it gets stolen, you can be liable and get fined!
The Information Regulator does not need to be fully operational in order for POPI to commence. You as business owner is responsible. Small, medium, startup or micro. If you have customer data, you are liable. We can help you.
Business Processes? Policies? Business Documentation?
We've got you covered! We can do it for you or teach you to do it yourself!

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nothing beat awareness and training to prevent a data breach

classic Consulting

Our legacy

ItjustworX (Pty) Ltd. was established in 2015. Though a young company, the staff complement comprises professionals with decades of experience. We provide exceptional software solutions and services to companies.
We started our journey as a One-Stop service for Entrepreneurs. Providing all the components for a web presence, taking care of the entire journey on your behalf including Domain registration, Design, Web site or applications. Supporting you all the way.

On this journey, we assisted good companies to become great companies by providing or enhancing business processes, supported by solutions that make the difference. But we do so much more now!
With a dedicated focus on Information Security and training, we assist with the evaluation
of business processes, environment studies, training needs and assessment.
We provide a full service to mitigate Information Technology compliance to legislation like POPIA.

We want you for this amazing adventure! We have identified the threats to you, your company and your staff. Threats like Spyware, Malware, identity theft, data breach, threats that can cost you your business. We can help you to be ready for legislation like POPIA

Exclusive Solutions

With our background rooted in security and asset management solutions, we build on our legacy knowledge and grow it dynamically in the areas of Information Security, Cyber Security, Business Process assessments and eLearning.

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Many small businesses and startups is not prepared for a disaster.

When disaster strikes and you are not ready, your business could be gone!
You can lose income for a day or a week.
Can you afford to lose income?

It is critical in today’s business to be ready and prepared.
Did you know that a data breach can cost you your business?

Get your staff trained and get security practices implemented.
We can help.

We are exited about our online eLearning School. Check out the current courses. We are adding new ones soon.

Many people surf the internet without knowing for sure if they are safe while they are online. 
Every day, online ads and the press reminds us of the problem of hackers, viruses, and other online risks. Every day more and more people fall prey to scam artists!
Don't   be a statistic.
Get trained! Learn about the security practices that might save you!
We can help.

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We have a number of exiting new courses currently under development

Examples are:
Cost IT - A comprehensive course helping sales people and developers to cost an IT project or development project more accurately.
Make money online - There will be two courses. Beginners and Intermediate. You will learn the entire life cycle of developing a website using templates. Hosting and Publishing website for customers. The intermediate course will teach you to use static templates and build database driven applications. Building logic and custom features with code-behind.
POPI - A hands-on course help small business to become compliant and avoid data breaches and the horrific fines.
Check back frequently for these and other great, dedicated courses. Get your staff trained and help them not to be the weak link.

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