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Web & Software Services Offered
a One Stop Deal is available - See the various components of this end-to-end service below.

1. Domain name -
2. Design your Logo - Facilitate the creation of your logo. We have many examples to guide you or our artist can create one from scratch based on your requirements.
3. Create your initial Web presence - based on your specific requirements we will create a number of static pages for your web presence.
4. Arrange your site hosting and publish your website.
5. Create a Blog - create a Blog site for you (similar look and feel as your static web site. You can administer this Blog site yourself and add users at will. A database to support the Blog is created and hosted as part of your Blog on same domain.
6. eCommerce Site - create an eCommerce site for you where you can manage and monitor the products that you sell or services thaty you provide. You can administer this site yourself. This eCommerce site includes full integration into a secure credit card and EFT solution. Training is provided for the components you choose to administer yourself.

We offer a variety of custom software development options.
1. Client Server
2. Database
3. Traditional Windows based software
4. Graphics design (electronic)
5. Hand painted graphics (canvas or special projects)
6. Digital Publications

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